Library Insider November 2020
You are cordially invited to a most happy assembly on Saturday, November 7, when the Glendale Public Library is proud to present "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Zoom! A Free Virtual Jane Austen Mini-Fest.” Featuring over 25 experts and enthusiasts from around the world, guests will include a Tony-nominated composer, an award-winning British improv comedian, and several critically acclaimed authors speaking on topics ranging from humor to fashion to diverse adaptations. Come laugh and learn with us at!

"This virtual festival offers participants a chance to talk about some of the most exciting things going on in the worlds of Austen, books, film, and fandom, with the authors and creators who are at the center of it. It’s an exciting thing for Glendale, the Valley and all points beyond, thanks to its digital format,” says Dr. Devoney Looser, ASU academic and author of The Making of Jane Austen. Whenever the topic of Jane Austen pops up in popular culture, the odds are that a news story will quote media favorite Dr. Looser, who also enjoys roller derby under the name "Stone Cold Jane Austen.”

Organized by Library Technology Specialist and avid Austen fan Anna Caggiano, the event has far surpassed her expectations by attracting so many prestigious participants. "At this point, our mini-fest is not so ‘mini’ anymore! We’re hosting so many talented and creative people, who are very well-known and well-respected among Austen fans. I’m still a bit stunned and very gratified that they even replied to my emails, let alone generously agreed to donate their time to make this happen. Scheduling people in Australia, California, New York, and Switzerland on panels together has involved playing some pretty intense rounds of Time Zone Tetris, but it’s so worth the logistical challenges. Jane Austen is perpetually popular – witness the endless adaptations! – and the response has been incredible.”

"I was thrilled to be invited because I always welcome an excuse to think or talk about Jane Austen. Her genius is inexhaustible. Although there is never a bad moment for Jane Austen, this may be an especially good moment, amid political discord and pandemic sadness, for her subtle wit and deep insight into the human condition,” notes Kathleen Flynn, author of The Jane Austen Project. "I'm also personally excited the library is doing this because it will be nice, and something of a relief, to meet fellow writers weird enough to think of combining Jane Austen and time travel.”

Amy Cooke-Hodgson, a member of the hilarious, award-winning British improv troupe Austentatious, says that "I'm very excited to have been invited to take part, not least because the other guests come from such varied and fascinating backgrounds. It's going to be wonderful hearing their stories and experiences of working 'with' Jane . . . and exciting that it's an International event with speakers from around the globe, too! Join us!"

The event will consist of five live and four prerecorded panels. The live sessions, which require registration, will take place from noon until 6 p.m. on November 7, and viewers will have the opportunity to contribute questions for panelists to answer. The prerecorded panels will be accessible via the City of Glendale’s YouTube account. Registration links and details are all available on the event webpage at

For those with schedule conflicts, recordings of all live panels will be available on YouTube within approximately two weeks or less following the event. There’s no excuse to miss out on the fun!

Whether you’re a hard-core Janeite or just like to dream of Darcy jumping in that lake, "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Zoom!” offers something to appeal. Soniah Kamal, author of Unmarriageable: Pride & Prejudice in Pakistan, concludes that "There can never be enough Jane Austen, especially in these times when her stories and characters offer such a calming balm. It is a delight and pleasure to be part of this empowering festival which connects all of us no matter where we are, just as Unmarriageable connects with Pride and Prejudice and shows just how much Jane Austen speaks to readers across centuries and cultures.”

For more information, please visit or email Anna Caggiano at [email protected].
The Seed Library Returns for Fall!
Planning to grow something soon? Let us help! Our Seed Library allows adults to "check out" and keep up to three different types of seeds every seven days. Seeds are sourced from Native Seeds/SEARCH and provided by the Glendale Water Services Department – Conservation & Sustainable Living Division. To see the list of available seeds for fall 2020, click here.
Teen Library Council 
In non-pandemic times, each Glendale Public Library hosted its own teen library councils. Now that we’ve gone virtual, we’re assembling a SUPER council! ALL Glendale teens are invited to our Teen Library Council on Tuesday, November 10 at 4 p.m., in which we discuss possible programming ideas (virtual, take-and-make crafts/activities, and, hopefully, future in-person programs), social media ideas, and more! Each TLC attendee will earn 2 hours volunteer time. Register here
Find all of the virtual programs and events being presented by the Glendale Public Library on our [email protected] page. 
Introducing Vox Books! 
VOX Books are the world’s first audiobooks that live in print books. The permanently attached VOX Reader transforms an ordinary print book into an all-in-one read-along. There’s no need for computers, tablets, or CDs. Children simply push a button to listen and read. VOX Books help capture a child’s reading attention while making learning and literacy development fun 
Look for VOX Books on display in the walk-through service areas at all Glendale Public Library locations.  
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