John O’Malley passed away on 15 November 2020, yet another victim of the Covid-19 virus.

Some aspire to greatness, others simply are.  John O’Malley did not aspire for greatness, nor for recognition, he just wanted to help.  Sadly John O’Malley passed away on 15 November 2020, yet another victim of the Covid-19 virus.  Known for his positive and people-oriented leadership style he received many awards both in the automotive field and in his philanthropic endeavors.  He was quite simply – a giver.

My first interaction with Mr. O’Malley was during the Marine Corps Ball in 2018.  As the Commandant of the Old Breed Detachment I was seated at the head table with Mr. O’Malley.  He reached under the table and handed me a check for $15,000 to use in assisting Veterans in need of housing, car payments, power bills or whatever troubles and scrapes they might find themselves in.  He leaned over and said, "There is no need to make an announcement, this is for the Old Breed.”  He then told me if I needed anything else, please come to him first and he would do all he could to help.  A more selfless person I have never met.  I mentioned that statement to a friend and past Commandant.  His response was, "He said that to me too, and I have gone to him several times…he means it.”

An honorary member of the Marine Corps League Mr. O’Malley supported numerous veterans’ organizations.  Under his leadership the employees of Camelback Toyota donated thousands of dollars in support of Veterans in the Northwest Valley.  He made donations to the Wounded Warrior Regiment of the Marine Corps, the James Walton Home to provide transitional housing and job training for Veterans in need, the Department of Arizona Marine Corps League, the Old Breed Detachment Marine Corps League, Project Veterans First, and Veterans Advocates on call.

In case you are wondering, the respect accorded to him from every Marine who met him was so great, he was always referred to as Mr. O’Malley.  He and his wife donated to have concrete work done for a disabled Vet to enable him to enter and exit his home in his electric wheelchair, arranged more than once to have vehicles provided to Veterans in need of transportation, even purchased a mobile home for a Veteran in need who was living in substandard housing.  When James Walton Home needed a donor for matching funds to purchase a vehicle to transport the Veterans staying at James Walton he arrange to have the Dealers Association donate one half of a new Toyota van.


In 2017 Mr. John O’Malley was awarded the prestigious Copper Sword Award by the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society at their 11th Annual Patriotic Gala on April 8, 2017 for helping secure donations exceeding $175,000 to help support the MANA House, Mary Ellen’s House, Wounded Warriors, the Marine Corps Old Breed Detachment #767, the USS Argonaut memorial, St. Vincent De Paul, Phoenix Rescue Mission, and Southwest Human Development, among others.
Told of his passing, Joan Sisco of Veterans First remarked, Mr. O’Malley was one of a kind in his compassion for and generosity to ensure Children and Veterans had what they needed and deserved. Veterans First was Blessed to have had the partnership with Mr. O’Malley, Camelback Toyota employees and the Toyota Dealership Association whom he personally engaged in our mission. Over the years he was responsible for thousands of dollars being donated to Veterans First to ensure our mission could be accomplished of preventing homelessness and stabilizing the lives of Women Veterans, their Families and Senior and Disabled Veterans.  Because of that support we were able to continue to provide programs and services that enhanced their lives.
Mr. O’Malley and Camelback Toyota employees provided Christmas presents for over 200 Veteran Children.  He arranged for a donated car to get fixed and painted which was given to a Women Veteran with a severely disabled child. It changed her life. He was always there for us making sure we had what we needed to carry on our missions. We had many wonderful conversations, he always ended our conversation by saying Joan, if you need anything just let me know.  There are no words to express our gratitude and what Mr. O’Malley meant to us as individuals and the organizations that he so graciously and compassionately supported so we could care for those we all serve.
Veterans First will be forever grateful for his friendship, dedication and the way he touched so many lives.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Mr. O’Malley, may you Rest in Peace.

As I look back at all the wonderful things our Veterans groups have accomplished I realize, many of them would have never happened if it had not been for the kindness and generosity of Mr. and Mrs. John O’ Malley.  May you Rest in Peace my Marine Brother.  In accordance with the Marines Hymn, the streets of Heaven are guarded by the United States Marines, and they are ready to welcome you with open arms.  May you shelter in the Grace of our Lord and Savior forever.
There will be a closed ceremony for John O’Malley this coming Sunday 29 November.  Mrs. O’Malley feels under the circumstances with the COVID that would be best for all.  Please do keep her and the family in your prayers.  Cards can be sent to 4602 N. Arcadia Phx., AZ 85018


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